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Get real time and historical livestream data on all creators and games, do influencer marketing, manage creators, and streamline reporting all in one platform.

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Livestream Analytics

Get livestreaming data from Twitch, Kick, and YouTube Live across all creators, genres, games, events, and streams.

Influencer Marketing

Find influencers, get contact info, and manage contracts. Streamline your campaigns with chatbots, overlays, and reporting features.

Creator Management

Create, launch, and monitor live stream ads. Handle contracts, automate partner reporting, and streamline processes.


Power your own apps or BI tools with our API. With several easy to use ingestion options your data team will absolutely love us. We offer flexible solutions to fit any budget.

Distribute Keys

Create hype for your upcoming launch or awareness for existing games with over 47,000 verified creators. Launch paid or organic key campaigns with ease.


Easy reporting on live stream campaigns to your partners, boss, or advertisers. Even feed our data into your own data warehouse or BI tools.

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Uncover what people do after viewing your ads and sponsorships

  • Prove that performance can be attributed directly to your campaigns and empower your sales & partnership teams.
  • Measure site visitation to your website, competitors, and 3rd party sellers.
  • Even track keyword searches for your brand, competition, or related products after an ad/sponsorship view.

Find influencers, vet them, and get contact info

With advanced filtering like country, language, viewership thresholds, and more you can discover the fastest growing talent and track performance. Plus, verified contact info so you can get in touch.

Manage creators, launch campaigns, and streamline reporting

With our campaign builder you can leverage our chatbots, overlays, and reporting to automate and scale campaigns across creators. And with our contract manager, you can stop chasing down documents waiting to get signed, and have it integrated right into your Campaign Manager.

Get data on over eight million creators and 170,000 games

Get all livestreaming data from all major platforms in one place. Vet influencer partners, keep a pulse on competitors, and power your own BI tools or apps with our API.

Power your own BI tools or apps with our API

If you already have a reporting system you love and want to keep, no problem. We can integrate with most data warehouses, reporting platforms, and data tools. Your data team will love us! 

Report on Live Stream Campaigns with Ease

We give you real time data to all creators, streams, and games on Twitch. Making it easy to set up automated reporting for your campaigns and activations. With our historical data, you can also build reports that happened in the past. 

Our CEO will eat olives (he hates olives)...

… if you find another tool that lets you do all these things

✔️ Access viewership data on over 8,000,000 creators         on Twitch & Kick.

✔️ Track live streaming performance with real time               data.

✔️ Monitor performance statistics of esports leagues,         tournaments, and matches.

✔️ Benchmark against competitor activations to own           the market.

✔️ Draft, schedule, and run creator campaigns with               chatbots, overylays, and reporting automation

✔️ Creator management solutions for talent                               managers

✔️ Contract management to streamline activations.               Say goodbye to chasing down documents

✔️ Power your own BI tools or apps with our data                   feeds

✔️ Access to viewership data on over 170,000 games

TwitchMetrics Pro touches every part of our organization. Our marketing team uses it to source creators, our data team uses it to build reports for our partners, and our creator management team uses it to simplify activations.

Founder of Muon Marketing, Adam Walters
Adam Walters

CEO at Muon Marketing & Creator Management

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