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From player testing, early access, to launch our creator campaigns can help get your game in front of an excited audience.

Organic Key Campaigns

Share game keys, images, partner links, and more, and we’ll keep an eye on how much these creators help your game. Get people excited about your game’s upcoming release or promote your existing game. Look for new content creators and quickly start inviting them to become your game’s advocates.


Paid Creator Campaigns

From tiny tricks to big promotional campaigns, our unique system makes collaborating with all types of content creators a breeze. Find new partnerships, chat directly with approved creators, and boost your games’ visibility. Our game-specific campaign software makes everything easy, quick, and safe.

TwitchMetrics Pro touches every part of our organization. Our marketing team uses it to source creators, our data team uses it to build reports for our partners, and our creator management team uses it to simplify activations.

Adam Walters

CEO at Muon Marketing & Creator Managment

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